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Chasing Action Teacher's Guide (Free PDF Download)

Art of Authenticity Teacher's Guide (Free PDF Download)

Fostering a love for reading should be a goal of every teacher. Books for many children often serve as good friends that will be cherished forever. These friends can be from any part of the world. It is the job of every teacher to make sure that every student finds that one great literature “friend”, that students can relate to on many levels. The Real Street Kidz series is helping teachers make the connections for students across the globe.


In these guides, teachers will find:

• A Book Summary

• Pre-Reading Activities

• A Biographical Sketch and Picture of the Author

• Vocabulary Lists

• Journal Entry Ideas

• Activities for sections of the book

• Culminating Activity Ideas

We are confident that these guides will provide you with useful resources to assist you in your classroom. Activities are easily adaptable to fit your grade level. Through the series and this guide, we hope students will continue to look at character and not appearances.